Mentoring the next
Generation with Passion

We want to democratise career mobility for students from different background.

It begins by joining our Career Advisory Network where you can accelerate students’ career development while earning decent side income as an appreciation.

You can choose to donate the proceedings to a charity of your choice

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You are paying it forward.

We are building a community where you get to become a part of this exclusive network to connect with other career advisors on our platform.

Everyone here shares the same passion: democratising career mobility and accelerate each others’ career.

Your students may one day contribute back to you many years down the line.

What's in it for you ?

Perks of becoming a Career Advisor on our platform


Be A Part of the Solution

There are many complaints on millennials’ work ethics and ability. This is not because they are inherent lazy or sloppy. It is often due to their lack of guidance or quality mentorship. Therefore, you get to be a part of the changing force that raises their capability and shape them into a better candidate through your advisory and mentorship.


Earn Side-Income

To compensate your time, students will pay for your mentorship as a token of appreciation. You can set your own pricing and some popular advisors earn more than $5k - 12k HKD per month. You can also take a stake in the students’ results by getting a percentage of their income for your coaching. Of course, you can choose to donate the proceedings to a charity of your choice.


Gain Access to Our Network

As an advisor, you will get access to our network of advisors and students. You will automatically get invited to all of our events and exclusive networking sessions.

Area of Focus

Big Fours
Auditing, Tax, Advisory, Other Functions
Banking MT
Commercial Bank, Retail Bank, Chinese Banks
FMCG and Conglomerate
e.g. Unilever, P&G, New World Development
4As Marketing Firms or any Marketing Positions
Investment Banking
Any Investment Banks

You are 3 Simple Steps away!

  • 1. Fill in the Signup Form

    We would like to know some basic information of yours to kick start. Won't take you more than 5mins!

  • 2. Short Call

    We will have a short call with you to walk you through the details and align our vision (we want every advisors on our platform are as passionate about this as we do)

  • 3. Become an Career Hacker Advisor

    If all goes well, you will become one of the career advisors and officially become a part of our network!

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