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This program is completely free of charge and open to everyone


AlphaSights is the global leader in knowledge on-demand and provides investment and business leaders with access to industry knowledge that drives better-informed decisions, with clients from different industries such as private equity, management consulting and financial services. With over 1200+ staff worldwide, AlphaSights is one of the fastest growing professional services firms.

This virtual experience program will be based on a real case with a private equity client to investigate the market structure and return on investment of solar industry.


The Perks of Participating inVirtual Experience with AlphaSights

Experience on CV and Certificate

By completing this program, you can include this experience on your CV and LinkedIn to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you developed from the program. You will also receive a certificate from AlphaSights as a proof of your completion.

Career Fast-Track

Participants of this program will get prioritised when you apply for AlphaSights’ internship or graduate programs. Upon satisfactory completion of the virtual experience, you will get a first round interview opportunity with their recruiting team. On average, AlphaSights select less than 1% applicants per year. You can make yourself standout and get fast-tracked by completing the virtual experience.

Personal Development

You will work on a case based on real life project and take on the duty of a Client Services Associate. You will gain business acumen, hone your problem-solving abilities and train up your workplace skills.

Can you crack this Private Equity Case?
In this program, you will be treated as a Client Services Associate at AlphaSights, on a project that helps a private equity client with analyzing the solar industry.

You will work on:
1. Identifying knowledge gap our client is facing
2. Research on the market dynamics of solar industry and private equity
3. Sourcing and qualifying knowledge experts
Program Duration: 3 - 5 hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This program is completely free. You can access it anytime and anywhere without paying anything!

Virtual Experience simulates the day-to-day work of AlphaSights’ Client Service Associate. In this program, you will work on a project based on real life scenario and understand more about knowledge on-demand industry. On top of that, you will gain hands-on experience and hone your career skills along the way.

Absolutely! You will receive a digital and LinkedIn certificate signed by AlphaSights upon completion of the program. We encourage you to put them on LinkedIn to demonstrate what you have learnt to AlphaSights or future employers.

Yes. By completing the program, you will get fast-tracked to first round phone interview if you apply to AlphaSights’ summer or graduate program (skipping CV screening, aptitude test and video interview!).

The program is estimated to take 3-4 hours to complete. It is completely self-paced, meaning that you can start and pause at anytime you want. While it is flexible to your schedule, we do encourage you to set aside some time to finish the program in one go.

You should! You can still gain valuable experience, business acumen and problem-solving skills by working on a project based on real business situation.

There is no prerequisite. Students from all years, majors and backgrounds are welcome to join!

This is an education program and is not an employment with AlphaSights or Career Hackers. That said, you will get a leg up in the application for AlphaSights’ graduate or internship program by completing the experience.