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Employer Branding for Finance Industry
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We are the largest recruitment platform for university students in Hong Kong. We help banks and listed companies to transform campus hiring and employer branding. Since 2021, we have connected with more than 100,000 students worldwide from 150+ Universities.
We bridge the gap between
78% receives fewer quality applications and struggles to adapt to the age of post-covid hiring

81% believes current recruitment channels (i.e. job boards and career talks) would create expectation mismatch

93% agrees that surface metrics (e.g. GPA, University, etc) fail to reflect on-the-job performance
91% thinks that workplace skills are very different from what they’ve learnt in college

69% believes job descriptions and career talks cannot convey the nitty-gritty of the job they are applying to

58% admits that they have resigned within the first year because of expectation mismatch
**Career Hackers - Gen Z Career Survey 2022
We create virtual career experience that emulates the day-to-day life of your entry level employee, solving your most important recruiting needs

All it needs is a call with us. We take care of everything afterwards
1. Global Talent Sourcing & Diversity
Automatic Recruitment
Scale your recruiting globally and recurrently through our Global Talent Pool of 150+ Universities
Recruitment Assessment
Pick out the most suitable talents automatically through realistic career simulation and look beyond surface level metrics (e.g. GPA)
Diversity & CSR
Use virtual experience to pre-train candidates and look out for underprivileged talents with good simulation performance
2. Employer Branding
Cultural Immersion
Provide an immersive experience to let candidates understand company culture in first hand
Brand Audit
Understand the areas of improvement in recruiting messages
Create words of mouth among candidates after completing simulation programs
3. Recruitment Process Digitalisation
Online Recruitment Events
Host online immersive career events such as case competitions or hackathons
Customised service
We do all the heavy work and help you achieve your recruiting objectives, whatever that may be
Metaverse Recruiting (coming soon)
Bring your recruitment to Metaverse
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We do all the heavy lifting
We understand your time is precious. That’s why we require minimal effort from employers. You tell us what you need in a few calls and we will take it from there.
Sample use cases
A Day in the Life of (Job Position)
Suitable for hiring a speciic role
Set up once, run forever
Automatic, global and 24/7/365
Management Trainee Simulation
Suitable for MT Hiring
Set up once, run forever
Automatic, global and 24/7/365
Online Case Competition
Suitable for idea generation
Set up once, launch anytime
Automatic, global and 24/7/365
Coding Challenge
Suitable for technical hire
Set up once, launch anytime
Automatic, global and 24/7/365
Recruitment Message Optimization
Embed within virtual experiences
Message A/B Testing
Insightful Statistics
CEO Shadowing
To inspire younger generations
Set up once, launch anytime
Automatic, global and 24/7/365
Case Studies
Global Leader in Knowledge on Demand
Read Case Study
Leader in Tech Consulting
Read Case Study
Global Leader in AirFreight
Read Case Study
Global Talent Sourcing
AlphaSights aims at introducing more passionate talents into the knowledge on-demand industry, an industry that is relatively lesser known by university students.

During the virtual experience, participants will deliver a real life project using the unique BREAD process developed by AlphaSights.
10+ countries candidates from 20+ universities participated in virtual experience
expressed favourable view towards AlphaSights
applied AlphaSights’ graduate program within 30mins after completion
Employer Branding
Kinetix is one of the leaders in Hong Kong technology consulting. Kinetix facilitate business growth and solve problems through innovative technology solutions.

During the virtual experience, participants will work on a case to develop a technology solution to spot and preemptively reduce romance scams.
likely to apply for graduate program after completion
increase in understanding Kinetix and its business models
reach and exposure under our platform
MT Program Optimisation
DHL Global Forwarding is the mastermind behind B2B logistics, solving complex supply chain issues and providing transportation strategy for more than half of Fortune 500 companies.

Different from DHL Express (which is the B2C arm dealing with letters and parcels of everyday customer), DHL Global Forwarding primary deals with logistics planning and supply chain enablement for large corporations, figuring out transportation strategy that best fit the objective of the clients.

In the Virtual MT Experience, students will get involved in a project to deliver the optimal transportation strategy and cost structure for clients through Air Freight Capacity Management.
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