Technology Consulting
Virtual Intern Experience

Become a virtual intern, get staffed in a project for a technology consulting firm and get first round interview after completion.

Experience on CV and Certificate

By completing this program, you can include this virtual intern experience on your CV and LinkedIn to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you developed from the program. You will also receive a certificate as a proof of your completion.

Career Fast-Track

Your profiles will be submitted to a leading IT consulting firm for earlier consideration as well as fast-tracked to first round interview upon completing the experience. You will also be a part of our growing talent pool in which recruiters are actively selecting candidates for latest openings.

Personal Development

You will work on a case based on real life project and take on the duty of a Technology Consultant. You will gain business acumen, hone your problem-solving abilities and train up your workplace skills. You will also learn the latest technology trend and how the world of consulting operates.

About Career Hackers

Funded by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Career Hackers bridges the gap between employers and students with Virtual Experience Program. Our mission is simple: it is to democratize career mobility, information and opportunities. In the past 2 years, we have transformed the career of more than 10,000 students across 10 countries.

Help our client develop a solution to stop online romance scam

In this program, you will work on a case to develop a technology solution to spot and preemptively reduce romance scams.

You will work on:

  • Identifying the key factors and data required for fulfilling clients’ requests
  • Suggesting and recommending suitable machine learning solutions
  • Data visualisation and presentation

Kinetix - Leader in Tech Consulting

Kinetix is one of the leaders in Hong Kong technology consulting. Kinetix facilitate business growth and solve problems through innovative technology solutions. With more than 20 years of history, Kinetix has served many high profile clients including HSBC, FedEx, HKMA, IBM, HKU and Museum of Arts.

As one of the fastest growing technology consulting firms in Hong Kong, Kinetix constantly works with clients on commercial applications of the latest trends including Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Enterprise Resources Planning and Low Code Development.

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Technology Consulting Virtual Intern Experience is completely free of charge and open to everyone

  • Suitable for both STEM students and non-STEM students who aims for a tech career
  • Expected Duration : 1 - 2 hours
  • Project based on a real life case