You deserve a better career.

So we reimagined what career advising should be.

We combine experienced industry insiders with AI Driven Data Model. We have only one goal - help you accelerate your career both short and long term.

We democratize career mobility, and most importantly give you the right tools for success, with pride.

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  • FS Coaching

We are not a career coaching company.

We are a Career Accelerator.

We help you to become a better candidate and empower you with the tools and skills to succeed.

You are here to improve yourself among the other elite students in our program. You join as a Career Hacker with pride

Career Hackers Pro

Long-term Result-Based Career Accelerator


Quality Coaching by Insiders and Data Science

We bought together the best mentors from iBanks, Big4, 4As, FMCGs, etc, so that you will receive the best coaching and advice.

  • Backed up by AI-Driven Career Coaching
  • In-depth Industry Knowlege and Coaching
  • 1 on 1 Personalization and 24/7 Support

$0 Upfront, Result-Based Pricing

We ONLY succeed if you succeed. We want you to be successful. That’s why you only pay us if you have obtained a good offer.

  • It costs $0 until you get paid
  • You can terminate the program if dissatisfied
  • >90%+ Satisfaction Rate

Inner Circle Community

You can get access to all insiders on our network and fellow Career Hackers. A supportive family is the key to progress your career in the long-run.

  • Case Competitions and Assessment Centre Training
  • Study Groups and Support Group
  • An Extremely Useful Network for your Lifetime

Area of Focus

Big Fours
Auditing, Tax, Advisory, Other Functions
Banking MT
Commercial Bank, Retail Bank, Chinese Banks
FMCG and Conglomerate
e.g. Unilever, P&G, New World Development
4As Marketing Firms or any Marketing Positions
Management Consulting and Technology Consulting
Investment Banking
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Offers obtained by our students

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Program Overview

Our comprehensive program combines both Career Strategy and modern Data Science




    Meet Your Career Mentor

    You will be assigned a Chief Advisor as your main point of contact throughout this program. The Chief Advisor will be an experienced insider at your most desired field. For instance, if you want to break into Big Four, we may assign you an ex-HR at PwC or a manager at Deloitte as your Chief Advisor. Your advisor will be extensively trained and have in-depth knowledge into industry recruiting, hiring process and technical skills.

    Insider Network

    In additional to your Chief Advisor, you can gain access to the rest of the Insider Network. You can call other insiders from interview preparation in their areas of specialty.

  • Optimise Your Resume and Online Profiles

    Your Chief Advisor will help you create a resume and portfolio destined for success. We will teach you the best strategies to optimise your cover letter, resume, online profiles (e.g. LinkedIn) and career development.

    Application Support

    You will receive an application dashboard (under development) which tracks different job openings and deadlines automatically as well as updating application process.

  • Opportunity Sourcing

    Career Hackers will help you source opportunities and network effectively by breaking down tactics that have been generalized by analysing 100+ successful candidates before. We will also provide referral opportunities from our corporate partners, exclusively available to students of Career Hackers Pro.

    Resources Database

    We have a vast database of historical interview questions, apt test trainings and other learning materials for you to accelerate your interview and job application preparations.

  • Interviewing Fundamentals

    Your Chief Advisor will teach you how to nail your behavioural and technical interviews as well as drafting answers to questions we predict with data. With our vast database for historical questions, you will get a sense of which kinds of questions will have a higher probability to appear during interviews.

    Supportive and Ambitious Community

    You will get in touch with other students inside our Career Hackers Pro community and develop lifelong friendships with each other. You will also befriend with the most ambitious and talented fellows at your age. An elite network at your disposal.

  • Intensive Interview Prep

    You will receive rigorous mock interview sessions as well as reflections with your Chief Advisor to improve after your real interviews. You can also enjoy assessment centre interview practices with fellow Career Hackers Pro students.

    Lifetime Network

    The program doesn’t stop after you graduate. You will remain as a lifetime Career Hackers with pride and get access to our network. The senior alumni will guide you further down in your career. The friendship, the network and the pride are something money cannot buy.

  • Offer Selection and Return Offer Strategy

    When you receive multiple offers, your Chief Advisor will help you do a SWOT analysis on what is the best path forward. Our proprietary Career Path Stimulator (exclusively to Career Hackers Pro students) can inform you the payoff variance of different offers with a multivariate regression model, so that you can see the exit options and probability of different career choices. Chief Advisors will also break down the success of return offerees and help you obtain return offers.

    Our Future Technology

    Funded by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, we are fundamentally a technology company. We use data science and artificial intelligence to improve coaching quality and career mobility. Therefore, as a Career Hackers Pro student, you will gain early and exclusive access to our up-and-coming technology pipelines which will make your career road much easier.


    Unlimited Weekly 1-on-1's and More Until You Succeed

    We only consider ourselves successful when you are successful. The program keeps on improving itself and keeps on adding additional values to you. You will receive unlimited 1-on-1 time with you Chief Advisor and resources from us until you have secured an offer.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If you are dissatisfied with the program or want to quit for whatever reason within the first week of joining, we will charge you ZERO for it. Basically we want to make sure every Career Hacker fellows on our community is happy and join us with no regret!

    In another words, if you quit in the first 7 days, it's all FREE.

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30+ Universities

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Frequently Asked Questions

We only charge when you receive an offer from this list. If you failed to receive any offer from this list, we won’t charge anything because it indicates that our service is unsatisfactory. We only charge one offer per year (we don't charge placements, co-op or part-time internship).

We price it very competitively and lower than all our competitions. For detail, please contact us at

We received many questions on this. YES, we have more than 4000+ apt test source and practice papers. We have interview question databases for banking, FMCG, Big 4 (Deloitte, PwC, KPMG and EY). And yes, we have assessment centre practice. These are very basic.

You are free to withdraw within the first week of joining, no termination fee. Worst case scenario, you get first week of free advice from top insiders in your desired field.

You can fill in the form below or send your CV and career goal to We will contact you after receiving your info.

We offer one-on-one personalisation. When you join the program, a seasoned and experienced advisor will take you under his/her wing. You can find the advisor at anytime with unlimited support. The advisor will be extremely familiar to your personality, strength & weakness, application process, so that he/she can give you the most optimise strategy and interview training that is tailored made to you, specifically. This not only accelerates your learning curve, but also prepares you to become a successful leader in the long run.

Our strong insider and alumni network can accelerate your career development after you graduate. Imagine having a senior that you can count on at the company you are working for. The difference is whether you want to get spoon-fed into getting an offer or becoming successful with the help of our community in the future.

Many students approached us with this situation. To be frank, this is something we do not want to see. It indicates that those students have wasted their hard-earned money and got betrayed for the trust they had for that coaching company. It also polluted students’ perception towards career coaching industry. As educators, we see ourselves as a nurturer and a mentor who guide our students to the right path.

If you decide to switch to us, we will give you a special discount in order to ease some of your economic burden. It may not be much but we hope it would be helpful to your situation.