Crafting well-rounded applications while saving time
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01 Resume and Cover Letter Optimization
We will revise your CV and CL with framework developed by HR at iBank and top firms to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking System) employed by most MNCs and increase your chance of securing interviews.

Supported by HR professionals:
  • Jenny: HR Analyst at an American bank, specializing in campus recruiting and talent orientation
  • Joyce: HR Business Partner at PwC, responsible for Assessment Centres and HR Interviews
  • Brenda: Head of HR (Greater China), IBM

Together, we developed a 6 steps approach to resume building to tell your narrative for capturing and inspiring recruiters and directors in interviews
02 Aptitude Test Database and Video Interview Library
  • Talent Q (UBS), Cut-E (Credit Sussie), CAPP (Barclays, HSBC), SHL (SocGen), Skyrise (J.P. Morgan), PLUM (Bloomberg), etc
  • Logical Test, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Assessment, Personality Matrix, Situational Judgement, etc
  • Hireviue Video Interviews used by most major banks (Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPM, etc)
We have all the historical sources. You will never be afraid of Apt Test anymore
03 Weekly Job Tracker
On top of that, we are launching a weekly job tracker with weekly updates on new openings, deadlines and existing applications that you should apply in various industries. This is complied both by AI and our professional team to ensure you stayed updated on latest opportunities and never miss any deadline. You just log in our portal and voila, everything latest job is there. No need to check JobsDB, indeed or JIJIS. Imagine the time you can save and put into more meaningful things. 
04 Career Strategy Formulation
We will tailor-made according to your SWOT and personality, tell you Exactly what banks and position you should apply, set up monthly action items and tactics to execute. Most importantly, we are going to review your progress monthly and offer adjustment plans to make sure you stay on the right path and work smart. You will never feel lost again.