Build a 10/10 CV from the ground-up
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01 Guaranteed Placement with Corporate Partners
You will receive a guaranteed placement with one of our corporate partners:

  • Investment Banking Division
  • Hedge Fund (Equities and Portfolio Management)
  • Management Consulting (Strategy & Operations)
  • Technology / Technology Consulting / Data Science

Don’t worry if you do not have enough work experience. We will give you internship placements in your desired industry, free of charge
02 Free Venture Capital Dealmaking & Valuation ECA
We have partnered with a venture capital fund to offer training and project experience in dealmaking & valuation, business model analysis and hottest trends such as crypto, ESG, internet of things etc. This is extremely suitable for non-BBA students to learn about business fundamentals or for students who want to exit to VC.
03 Iliad Research Team
You may join our Iliad Research Team to create quality research reports to learn about consulting / equity analysis / industry trends and impress recruiters with the work under the guidance of a group of management consultants and bankers (Selective Program)
04 Pythagorean M&A Group (Selective Program)
You may join our Pythagorean M&A Group to conduct analysis on the potential M&A, PE or VC deals, under the guidance of a group of investment bankers. Through this, you are able to demonstrate teamwork and leadership on CV, and most importantly gain deeper understanding into the technicals and able to present this work to interviewers at final round. And MD is going to be extremely impressed.