Developing your edge and expand your network
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01 Speaker Series & Networking Events with HR and decision-makers from MNCs and top companies
Learn the latest recruiting chances and get potential career opportunities.
Some of our network:

  • Weimin Chen, CEO of Houlihan Lokey China
  • Benjamin, Hedge Fund Manager
  • Sunny Wong, CEO of Carlsberg China
  • Brenda Lam, Head of HR of IBM China
  • VC Investors, HR at Top Firms, Domain Experts (*Subject to their availability and enrolment number)
02 Alumni Network
There’s no better way to know how unique and likeable you need to be than seeing those who have already made it and succeeded in the industry. With the alumni network, you will be able to feel it first-hand how different and unique each of them are, and also obtain insights from them such that you can understand how to apply what you learnt from our training into reality. Also, you can understand the specific culture, key stakeholders and insider knowledge of top firms
03 Intangibles Factories & Offline Events
We will be hosting offline events periodically to equip yourself with the fundamentals elements of being a likeable person in the workplace. In addition, we’ll also organize different themes to ensure each of you experience and shape your individual brand, instead of having all of our students sharing the same personal brand
04 Career Hackers Fitness Training
Career hacking in finance is a long journey. Without a good hardware (aka your body), you can’t go far no matter how good your software is. We have a set of programs that can help you stay sharp in this long game.